Lifestyle | 01 Oct 2015 | By Sun International

Winelist Awards 2015: Platinum Status for The Table Bay

If you needed more proof that The Table Bay is at the forefront of fine foodie experiences, the hotel recently scored a Platinum rating in the Diners Club Winelist Awards 2015. The South African Winelist Awards 2015 serve to recognise that the perfect meal is greatly enhanced by a matching fine wine.

A panel of judges, led by by veteran wine critic and author Dave Hughes, had the difficult task of assessing hundreds of restaurant menus along with their outstanding wine lists. “The winning restaurants are tenacious, almost pedantic, in ensuring that their offering continues to excite the palettes of their customers,” said head judge Dave Hughes about the Winelist Awards 2015 selection process.

Anyone that has enjoyed a food and wine pairing at The Table Bay hotel would agree. We would certainly add that the perfect meal, along with the perfect wine, is even more enhanced by the unique views that diners can enjoy when visiting the best address in Cape Town.

Here’s why The Table Bay scored Platinum status in the Diners Club Winelist Awards 2015

Careful Selection: Designing the award-winning wine list at The Table Bay is a lengthy process of procuring (and of course, tasting) wine samples from various estates across the Western Cape. Wine region, price, quality, flavor profile, history, and suitability are all taken into account when selecting wines for one of the Leading Hotels of the World. With an abundance of excellent estates within easy reach of the hotel, it’s no surprise that The Table Bay scored so highly in the Winelist Awards 2015.

Regional Excellence: Because of its close proximity to some of the most outstanding wine regions in the country, the wine list at The Table Bay is most definitely ‘Proudly South African.’ However, a small portfolio of French and Italian wines (6 in total) are listed to add some diversity to the offering, and to give local guests an opportunity to enjoy wines from abroad.

Variety: With 88 wines listed, from popular varietals like Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot, to food wines such as Gewurtztraminer, Riesling, Shiraz and Bordeaux Blends, The Table Bay wine list is extensive. Even the most discerning guest will be able to find something to suit their palette on the list.

Unique Offerings: Over the past few years, The Table Bay has put together various white and red blended wines to create a vintage that is unique to the hotel: The Captain’s Table. The tasting and blending process has recently been completed for the new Captain’s Table vintage, which will be bottled next year. 

Educated Recommendations: The Table Bay conducts on-the-job training as well as tastings with staff in order to educate them about the wine, and so that they can taste and understand the profile of the wine before they can sell it to guests and offer wine pairings. Additionally, staff are treated to wine tastings at various wine farms, which besides being learning experiences, these outings serve as team building exercises too.

Food and Wine Pairings: Some wines on The Table Bay wine list have been specifically chosen to pair with the food on the restaurant menus. For first-time (or even returning guests), the hotel recommends ordering the Malay Curried West Coast Lobster Pot, which is one of the signature dishes at Camissa Brasserie. This dish pairs superbly well with a variety of wines on the list, such as Paul Cluver ‘Close Encounter’ Riesling, Eagles Nest Viognier or the Kevin Arnold Shiraz.

While The Table Bay constantly explores new and exciting ideas for its award-winning wine list, the offerings are only changed once or twice a year according to guest feedback. This latest Platinum score in Diners Club Winelist Awards 2015 certainly proves that the hotel’s latest wine list is up there with the best of them. A Platinum Award in the Winelist Awards 2015 requires a final score of between 81% and 90%, according to four judging categories (Content, Balance, Suitability, and Presentation).

Started more than two decades ago, the Diners Club Winelist Awards 2015 are a much sought-after symbol of excellence and achievement among restaurateurs that take great pride in their wine selection and pairing of food with wine.

Following the Winelist Awards 2015, experience excellence first-hand and book a table for a food and wine pairing at The Table Bay.