Responsible Gambling

For the overwhelming majority of people, gambling is harmless recreational fun. For most people, gambling (be it horse racing, playing the lottery, or at a casino) is a form of leisure and entertainment. They go to the races, or bet on sport events, knowing how much money they can afford to spend. They don’t spend more time than they can afford to on gambling either.

Certainly, they do not neglect their families and dependents because of gambling, nor does gambling affect their work adversely. Neither do they get into serious financial difficulties because of gambling, and then hope that more gambling will solve their financial problems.

However, for a small number of people, gambling does become a problem in their lives. In particular, they suspect that it would be better if they stopped gambling, or at least cut down and controlled their gambling. For some of these people, gambling may become an addiction.

Visit the National Responsible Gambling Programme website for more information.

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