Hitting the jackpot with The Lion’s Share slot machine

Roll up slots fans! There’s a new game in town — and it’s a world first. In a game available only to selected Sun International casinos, more punters stand to win, more often.

What makes The Lion’s Share different

Make no mistake, many of the jackpots on offer at Sun International casinos are enough to make a grown man ululate, but there’s great news on the slots front. A new game, The Lion’s Share slot machine, is upping the winning stakes. In a nutshell, more punters are set to win more often.

Jackpot machines may only pay out on average every 10 days. The Lion’s Share slot machine is different because the average jackpot value is dropped from just over R1 million to just over R100 000, but it will pay out almost every day.

The Lion’s Share was created to share the love, so more people get to win more often. Sun International is the only casino group in South Africa that has Wide Area-linked Progressive Jackpot machines (a jackpot style machine, which is linked across most of our properties). By using this technology, the jackpot increases faster and goes off more often.

How the game works

The Lion’s Share is an African-themed game that has three levels of Progressive Jackpots - with twists along the way. There are three Jackpots, aptly called the King, Queen and Cub. To win big, however, you need to win The Lion’s Share.

How the jackpots are divided up

The Cub Jackpot starts at R2 500 and should pay out about 30 times a day across selected Sun International casinos, and in this case, the winner takes all.

The Queen Jackpot starts at R15 000 and should pay out about five times a day across the group. When this jackpot pays to the lucky winner, everyone that is on the same bank (same group of machines) and is actively playing a machine at the time of the hit will win a Queen Jackpot Bonus payout.

The King Jackpot starts at R75 000 and should pay out almost once a day across the group. In a world first, this game also has a Bonus Pot (see more below). The machine has four betting options: R2.50, R5, R7.50 and R10.  The size of your bet determines the percentage you will win if you hit the King Jackpot:

  • Bet R2.50 - Win 25% of the King Jackpot - 75% is added to the Bonus Pot.
  • Bet R5.00 - Win 50% of the King Jackpot - 50% is added to the Bonus Pot.
  • Bet R7.50 - Win 75% of the King Jackpot - 25% is added to the Bonus Pot.

The Bonus Pot starts at a value of R25 000 and will grow and grow until a lucky player wins the King Jackpot, playing a bet of R10. When this happens, the player wins all of the King Jackpot and everything in the Bonus Pot − this is what is called winning ‘The Lion’s Share’.

Where you can find it

The Lion’s Share slot machines were installed at Grand West, Carnival City, Sibaya, Wild Coast, Windmill, Meropa and Flamingo in November 2016. It will also be installed into Time Square, when it opens in April 2017.

Did you know?

Local chart-topping singer-songwriter (and ex Idols SA contestant) Daniel Baron was inspired by The Lion’s Share game to write a song. It’s called ‘Beshesa’, which means agile – like a lion. 

Legal note:
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