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Last fling before the ring with Sun International

Celebrate life's milestones with your best friends and a bottle of bubbly! | Photo by Sun International

Before you say ‘I do’, have a party (or two) – it just might be the greatest celebration you’ll ever host.

Throwing a send-off party before the wedding bells ring is a surefire way to create memories that last a lifetime.

Ishrat Joosub, head planner and founder of Outlandish Events, a luxury wedding and event management company, believes bachelor/bachelorette parties let you celebrate with “people who are always there for you, happy for your happiness, and always cheering you on” before you wave single life goodbye and settle down.

Budget for success

Joosub explains that “costs are always a major factor in planning any event”. Nowadays, the bride or groom takes on the responsibility of handling the bachelor/bachelorette party themselves. It helps them avoid putting “the cost pressure on another person” and removes the risk of disappointment. After all, “it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event for most people”. 

If you want to budget for success, set aside time to plan and organise to avoid overspending. If you’re entrusting someone else to either contribute or cover costs completely, make sure to communicate clearly with them.

Sign up the guests

You can’t have a party without guests unless you’re a party-of-one. Joosub explains that a bachelor/bachelorette party shouldn’t feature guests you “last spoke to two years ago or people who don’t have much interest in your life”. Invite people who take an active interest in your life because if you’re handling the costs for the bachelor/bachelorette party, you want to “spend money and spoil your friends and family”.

Save the date

“Bachelor and bachelorette weekends away are all the rage,” says Joosub. Opting for a weekend away helps keep the guest list intimate and often works best for all parties involved. Always keep in mind that it’s impossible to accommodate everyone without issues. Joosub advises setting the date well in advance, especially if anyone is taking long drives or flights.

Location, location, location!

Joosub explains that “theme always dictates the venue type or location”. It means you need to think about where the event is taking place and whether you’re one-half of the soon-to-be-married couple or a friend or family member. If you’re the latter, discuss things with the bride or groom.

Bonus tip: Choose Sun City for your bachelor/bachelorette party. You’ll have a choice of several luxury hotels alongside dedicated and experienced staff to handle all your event planning. With that done, you and your closest loved ones can enjoy delicious meals at Crocodile Lounge and beat back the Sun City heat with delectable drinks at Maltos Beach or a cool dive into Valley of Waves.

Bring on the fun

“Activities are always fun and create bonds!” smiles Joosub. It’s important to know what you and your guests enjoy; this is the same if you’re throwing the bachelor/bachelorette party for the bride or groom. You want to choose activities that are “memorable and always something to look back on and have a good laugh”.

Bonus tipThe Maslow Sandton is in Africa’s richest square mile and is prime bachelor/bachelorette territory. Relax in luxury accommodation and be pampered at Africology Spa. After that, head to Lacuna Bar and Bistro to satisfy all your culinary and cocktail needs – then have a shuttle take you out on the town and into the heart of Sandton.

Try these tips and throw a send-off party that will have you smiling well beyond your wedding day. Need a little professional help? Sun International, known for its long and illustrious legacy of hosting large-scale to intimate events, from business conferences to weddings, will help you throw the perfect bachelor/bachelorette party.

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