Sun MVG Memberships Terms and Conditions

  1. Sun MVG is a tiered loyalty programme ("Sun MVG") that is exclusive to participating Sun International gaming and hospitality businesses ("Sun International"). View the complete list of participating Sun International hotels and casinos.
  2. MVG members must be at least 18 years old. Excluded persons (i.e. self-excluded, persons refused access, or any other category of excluded persons) and juristic persons are prohibited from participation in MVG. The afore-going persons shall forfeit any Benefit accrued to them.
  3. Official identification and other mandatory information is required to join MVG. Copies of identification documents and other relevant information will be retained by Sun International.
  4. MVG membership is FREE and limited to one per person. The membership, and non-cashable points, rewards, offer or any other benefit ("the Benefits") accruing to members are not transferable, and may not be sold or cashed-out, unless otherwise advertised. A complete list of Benefits, which are subject to amendments without notification, is available at Benefits & Rewards page.
  5. Benefits cannot be used in conjunction with any other Sun International discounts or promotional offers unless otherwise advertised. In addition, accommodation offers and discounts are subject to availability and the furnishing of mandatory personal information.
  6. The prevailing food and beverage discounts are based on valid Tier status.
  7. Furthermore, MVG discounts are valid at all Sun International owned restaurants and bars. The discount is applicable to the MVG member plus a maximum of seven guests, provided that the MVG Member is present.
  8. The prevailing accommodation discounts are based on the valid Tier status. Furthermore, MVG discounts do not apply in conjunction with corporate rates or bookings, or third party agent bookings (e.g. travel agents).
  9. MVG Accommodation discounts are not available at the City Lodge group (Meropa Town Lodge, Flamingo Road Lodge, Carnival City Road Lodge or GrandWest City Lodge) on Sun International properties. Discounts are offered for a maximum 3-night stay, at any time. Discounted rates are subject to availability and standard booking terms and conditions apply.
  10. MVG Silver members qualify for a discount of ten percent (10%) of the Best Available Rate (BAR). In essence the lowest rate available for each date.
  11. The free parking benefit is not applicable to The Table Bay Hotel and Sun City Resort.
  12. MVG birthday benefits are awarded to MVG members at the beginning of the month of their birthday. This benefit is valid and redeemable, once off, in the birth month at any Sun International casino. Contact permissions via email or SMS are required to activate this benefit. Birthday benefits are only awarded in the event the sign up to the programme is 1 month prior to birthday.
  13. MVG loyalty benefits (Tier Credits and MVG Points) are not earned on confidential accommodation rates, or when booking by selected travel partners with Sun international.
  14. Recognized activities within the various elements of MVG are required to earn non-cashable Casino Points and Leisure Points ("Points") which are earned in line with pre-determined points-earning criteria and rate(s) at which Points are earned ("Points Earning Criteria"). Points Earning Criteria are subject to amendments from time to time without prior notification. The prevailing Points Earning Criteria is available at Sun MVG Cards page. Points may not be earned for conferencing and events at Sun International.
  15. Points Earning Criteria may be achieved by MVG members by utilizing their  MVG cards or membership (as the case may be) during gaming activities or by presenting it to participating hospitality businesses or third party programme partners. Accrual of Points during gaming activities is made by estimations of average bets placed and length of play recorded against gaming systems. Persons other than the registered MVG member may not accrue Points on behalf of the member. The afore-going conduct will result in the forfeiting of the Points, Tier Credits or Benefits earned, and it shall form grounds for the termination of membership to Sun MVG.
  16. MVG tier status is subject to Tier Credits earned during gaming and hospitality activities. Tier Credits are valid for twelve (12) months from earning and used to determine card status. Tier Credits do not constitute any Benefit and cannot be used for any type of transaction. The prevailing Tier Credits to be earned within a twelve (12) month period for the various card statuses is available at Sun MVG Cards page. Card status is re-evaluated annually based on Tier Credits earned.
  17. MVG Points (i.e. Casino and Leisure Points) and Tier Credits are determined on members' spend less any taxes, levies and gratuities.
  18. Reasonable steps will be taken to award Points and Tier Credits for gaming activities on a near real time basis or after the outcome of the bet has been determined (as the case may be). For hospitality or leisure spend, Points and Tier Credits may be awarded within 24 hours of settling in full the costs incurred.
  19. Although Points are non-cashable it is expressed in rands for the sake of convenience. Points are valid for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of issue after which it expires without any option of accrual towards a new cycle. Sun International is not obligated to remind MVG members of expiring points.
  20. Sun International reserves the right to, amongst other rights, amend or withdraw MVG card status, these terms and conditions, Benefits, Points Earning Criteria, Tier Credit criteria, participating entities and third party programme partners in its sole discretion and without prior notice or consultation with MVG members. In addition, Sun International reserves the right to cancel the Sun MVG programme at any time by giving reasonable notice.
  21. MVG Casino points can be used in the casino environment to play back on the slot machine and on the tables games.
  22. MVG Leisure points are used to cover the costs of accommodation, food, beverage and entertainment purchases.
  23. MVG Leisure points cannot be used for bulk purchases and goods cannot be removed from a Sun International property.
  24. MVG Leisure Points can be used towards gratuities but can only be within a 10-20% band. Customers cannot be given cash in lieu of a gratuity.
  25. Certain Benefits may be subject to qualifying criteria. The onus shall at all times rest with MVG members to ensure that they are aware of the qualifying criteria. Furthermore, Benefits provided by third party programme partners or other participating businesses may be, in addition to the Sun MVG terms and conditions, subject to further terms and conditions of the respective third party programme partners or participating businesses.
  26. Benefits and rewards are for the sole discretion and use of the loyalty member. These may not be sold or given away. If for any reason, you are unable to utilize or redeem the offer or reward, or you did not receive it timeously through reasonable attempts to contact via communication channels activated, then the rewards will be forfeited and cannot be claimed retroactively.
  27. MVG cards remains the property of Sun International at all times. A fee may be levied for replacement or secondary player cards ("Linked Cards").
  28. MVG cards are PIN code enabled. Notwithstanding the afore-going security measure, the responsibility to prevent the loss of Benefits, Value or Points linked to MVG cards (inclusive of Linked Cards) shall, insofar as the MVG cards are concerned, shall rest with MVG members. The use of Linked Cards are subject to the casino's discretion especially during peak periods.
  29. Points earned via Linked Cards shall accrue to the primary MVG card balance and it may only be utilized by the respective registered MVG member.
  30. MVG members consent to being included in Sun International's marketing mailing list, however, such members may elect to opt out of receiving marketing correspondence by using the appropriate links in emails to unsubscribe or replying STOP to a SMS or utilizing other means offered by Sun International to exercise this right, including but not limited to, requesting such opt-out at any participating Sun International entity. MVG members undertake to notify Sun International of any errant marketing communications received following their opt-out request, bearing in mind that opt-outs may only become effective after a reasonable period following the request.
  31. To enable Sun International to provide premium Benefits through its Sun MVG programme it requires up-to-date and correct personal information of its members. Personal information includes the prescribed information falling within the definitions of personal or special personal information as set out in the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 ("Protected Personal Information"). The Protected Personal Information of MVG members which Sun International may process include the following:
    1. Names, identity numbers, contact details, addresses, source of income;
    2. Information regarding whether MVG members are politically exposed or prominent influential persons;
    3. Preferences and opinions
  32. MVG members give express consent to Sun International to obtain, process and further process their Protected Personal Information for any lawful purposes relating to the MVG members' participation in the Sun MVG programme including to:
    1. allow MVG members to participate in Sun MVG;
    2. provide premium Benefits through Sun MVG;
    3. verify the identity of MVG members;
    4. process Points and Tier Credits of MVG members;
    5. monitor and analyse the conduct on MVG members' membership accounts and profile for fraud, compliance and other risk-related purposes;
    6. carry out statistical and other analyses to identify potential markets and trends and/or develop new products and services;
    7. to carry out certain marketing activities as set out in clause 18 above;
  33. Furthermore, MVG members agree and consent to Sun International retaining their Protected Personal Information for such periods as Sun International may determine is necessary for its legitimate business security and record keeping purposes. Specifically, MVG members also give express consent to Sun International to disclose their Protected Personal Information –
    1. to any person that provides services (which services may include verifying, updating and processing Protected Personal Information) to Sun International or acts as Sun International's agent or to whom Sun International have transferred or propose to transfer any of its rights and duties in respect of MVG memberships (some of these persons may be located outside of the Republic of South Africa), and share MVG members' Protected Personal Information with Sun International's service providers, locally and outside the Republic of South Africa, as necessary. Sun International may ask persons who provide services to Sun International to agree to Sun International's privacy policies if they need to access any Protected Personal Information to carry out their services;
    2. to Sun International's legal advisors, financial advisors, auditors or a competent court in legal proceedings; and
    3. to any entity which is part of Sun International's group of companies for purposes related to MVG members' participation in Sun MVG programme.
  34. Protected Personal Information may be updated by MVG members online (where applicable) or by visiting participating Sun International entities. The access to and deletion of Protected Personal Information is subject to processes set out in Sun International's PAIA manual which is also available at
  35. MVG members accept that Sun International takes reasonable and practical steps to safeguard Protected Personal Information in its possession. To the fullest extent permissible by law, MVG members hereby indemnify and holds harmless Sun International, its employees and agents against any liability, damages and/or legal action whatsoever and howsoever arising, including negligence on the part of Sun International, its employees or agents and Sun International shall not accept liability for any damages or any type of loss suffered by MVG members when utilizing the Sun MVG programme and its Benefits.
  36. MVG members accept that it is possible for errors or system malfunctions to occur. In such instances Sun International reserves the right to adjust Points, Benefits and Tier Credits accrued by MVG members in such instances.
  37. Sun International reserves the right to terminate the membership of MVG members who breach these terms and conditions or whose conduct, when exercising any Benefit or using any of Sun International's facilities, is deemed at its sole discretion to be undesirable. In addition, Sun International reserves the right to unilaterally utilize Leisure Points to settle any debt owed for the use of hospitality facilities or food and beverage charges.
  38. In the event that Sun International makes any indulgence or deviation of these terms and conditions in favour of MVG members, then such indulgence or deviation shall not be misconstrued to be a breach or waiver of these terms and conditions or any rights of Sun International.
  39. The above clauses are severable from each other. In the event that any clause or part thereof is unenforceable in law, then that clause or part thereof shall be severed from these terms and conditions, and the surviving clauses and parts thereof shall remain in force.