COVID-19 Entry to Premises Terms and Conditions

  1. I hereby acknowledge that these premises are owned and or are operated by Sun International Limited directly or through a subsidiary within its Group of companies (“Sun International”).
  2. By completing this screening questionnaire to enter these premises, I confirm, to the best of my knowledge, that I am not infected with COVID-19, have not been in contact with any person who has been infected, and have not travelled to any destination that is considered a high-infection rate area.
  3. I also agree and give express and informed consent to Sun International and its agent(s) to obtain, process and further process my Protected Personal Information (PPI) for any lawful purposes relating to its COVID-19 preventative measures implemented at these premises. I understand that my PPI is the prescribed information falling within the definitions of personal and special personal information as set out in the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013. My PPI includes, at the least, my full names and surname, ID number, address, telephone number and health declarations to ascertain if there is a risk of COVID-19 exposure. The obtaining and processing of my PPI allows, at a minimum, for Sun International to:
    • Record, process and further process my PPI.
    • Meet any lawful obligation imposed on it.
    • Furnish my PPI to any authority and entity within Sun International’s group of companies for purposes of giving effect to the promotion of COVID-19 restrictions and preventative measures.
    • Perform any statistical and other analyses to identify potential risks, persons and trends concerning COVID-19.
    • Do any other thing to further its legitimate business interests to the full extent permissible by law including, but not limited to, the updating of my PPI held by the operator of these premises and Sun International in respect of its Sun MVG Programme.
  4. Furthermore, I agree and consent to Sun International retaining my PPI for such periods as deemed necessary by Sun International for its legitimate business purposes and record-keeping protocols, which periods may exceed the prescribed limits.
  5. I accept that Sun International takes reasonable and practical steps to safeguard PPI in its possession. To the fullest extent permissible by law, I hereby indemnify and hold Sun International, its employees and agents harmless against any liability, damages and/or legal action whatsoever and howsoever arising, including negligence on the part of Sun International, its employees or agents. Sun International shall not accept liability for any damages or any type of loss suffered by me.
  6. Sun International reserves the right to refuse me access to these premises should I present any signs or symptoms in relation to the COVID-19 virus, or in the event that I am not fulfilling the purpose for which I entered these premises, or my conduct within these premises is undesirable for purposes of promoting COVID-19 preventative measures.
  7. In the event that Sun International makes any indulgence or deviation of these terms and conditions in favour of me, then such indulgence or deviation shall not be misconstrued to be a breach or waiver of these terms and conditions or any rights of Sun International.
  8. The above clauses are severable from each other. In the event that any clause or part thereof is unenforceable in law, then that clause or part thereof shall be severed from these terms and conditions, and the surviving clauses and parts thereof shall remain in force.