February 2020

Rasberry Gin Sorbet

Fresh, frozen, whipped into a dessert or in a sauce, raspberries are amongst the tastiest and most versatile fruits, and The Table Bay’s Executive Chef simply loves experimenting with them.

“Raspberries make a gorgeous addition to an array of sweet and savoury dishes. You can add them to salads, sauces, hot vegetable dishes, shakes and desserts. They can be added with little fuss to a range of dishes and recipes. Not only are raspberries delicious and extremely versatile, but they also have numerous health benefits. They are packed with antioxidants, are full of fibre, and low in sugar,” says Chef Keshan.

With raspberries being the colour of Cupid’s heart and in abundance, Chef Keshan has been experimenting in the kitchen to create the nicest Valentine’s treat with a naughty streak.

“Our Raspberry Gin Sorbet is the colour of Cupid’s heart and all the sweetness of raspberries, delightfully balanced with a flirt of gin,” says Keshan Rambarun.

INGREDIENTS (serves two)
  • 500g raspberry purée
  • 200g sugar
  • 450ml water
  • 60ml gin
  1. Heat all ingredients together in a sauce pan.
  2. Leave to cool down in the fridge.
  3. Once cooled, churn in ice cream maker and freeze.
  4. Ready to eat after 4 hours.
  5. Serve with fresh raspberries and mint.
Watch How it is Made

The Raspberry and Gin Sorbet will be available on the Valentine’s Day menu at The Table Bay’s Camissa Brasserie. Throughout the month of love, an innovative and invigorating Raspberry and Gin Cocktail will be available at the Lounge Terrace and Union Bar.

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