30 Sep 2014 | By Sun International

Zambezi River: Exhilarating Fishing Destination

If you're planning an adventure holiday, the Royal Livingstone and Zambezi Sun are a unique duo of Zambian resorts that offer guests an assortment of activities and adventures to tailor their own perfect Zambian experience.

One of the most popular tourist activities is fishing in the Zambezi River. Guests of The Royal Livingstone and the Zambezi Sun have the unique opportunity to explore the Zambezi's finest fishing spots with expert guides. Famous for its high-intensity tiger fishing, the Zambezi River is one of the top game fishing destinations in the world and with good reason. With over 75 species found in the warm waters leading to the Victoria Falls, the Zambezi is great for fishing all year round.

Experiencing the Zambezi River up-close is an experience like no other, it is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world and fishing on the river that leads to the "end of the earth" is unforgettable. However, for those whose closest encounter with fishing is eating a takeaway fish and chips, here is a brief guide to fishing to get you ready for your next vacation at Sun International's incredible Zambian resort.

Did you know? In the western game fishing world, the tigerfish is considered Africa's equivalent of the South American piranha.

Why is fishing such a popular recreational sport?

"One of the greatest charms of angling is that of all the sports, it affords the best opportunity to enjoy the wonders and beauty of nature." J.J. Manley

Fishing is a tonic for modern living. An escape from your incessant emails, Facebook notifications and phone calls – fishing is life, simplified. When fishing, it's just you and nature. Alone, or with a chosen group of friends or family, your biggest worry is how you're going to snag the biggest tigerfish. Along with the benefits of fresh air, spending time outside fishing is simply a great way to wind down.

Can you catch a tiger? What other specimens will you find in the Zambezi?

Tiger fishing involves various methods including trolling, spinning, drifting and bottom fishing, with a choice of fillets of fish or live bait. These techniques can be somewhat challenging for beginners but with a little expert help and guidance, the tiger is yours to catch! Sun International's expert guides are there to show you the best hidden fishing spots, increasing your chances of bagging a biggie

Did you know? The tigerfish is the first freshwater fish in the world recorded and confirmed to attack and catch birds while in flight.

Some of the other notable fishy species found in the Zambezi River:

  • Vundu
  • Electric catfish
  • Sharptooth catfish-barbel
  • Brown squeaker

Did you know? The Zambezi River is the fourth longest river on the continent. Approximately 3540 kilometres long and draining an area of some 1.3 million square kilometres.

Top tips for tiger fishing in the Zambezi:

  • Although our expert guides are sure to answer all your questions, YouTube is a great resource for fishing newbies. Covering techniques and tricks, the world of fishing has gone digital.
  • Dress for success! Boots are a wardrobe essential when fishing. Since you are often required to wade into the shallow waters, with the right pair of boots you're likely to feel like the Indiana Jones of the Zambezi!
  • It's not about the fish. As much as fishing is about, well, catching fish, it is also about the experience. One fish or one hundred, it is about the thrill of experiencing nature up-close. So remember to relax and enjoy the beauty of one of the most incredible fishing destinations in the world. So focus on the experience, and let the rest take care of itself!

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