05 Dec 2014 | By Sun International

Things to Do in Zambia

Spending a sunny afternoon with the family at the Zambezi Sun, as you sip on pina coladas and snack on toasted sandwiches sounds decadent.

In fact, as you're reading this, you're already thinking about the sweet feeling of sunshine on your back and the cool pool waters you'll dive in to after the buffet. But Zambia is a country to be explored, and while afternoons by the pool are great, adventure awaits!

We know it's hard to tear yourself away from the homely comforts and spectacular service at the Zambezi Sun so here's a short list of our top things to do in Livingstone that can be enjoyed in the late afternoon or evening.

That means you can spend those sunny days by the Poolside Grill and Bar and still savour some of the very best Zambian adventures!

Royal Livingstone Express

This is more than just a train ride – a trip on the Royal Livingstone Express is an experience. This incredible fine dining experience sees you taking a step back in time, to when dinner was an event and serviettes were never made of paper.

You'll be collected from your hotel in the late afternoon and taken to the old railway station. As you board the steam locomotive, you'll be entering a world of elegant comfort. As you take your cosy seat in the lovingly restored coaches, the train sets off on a round-trip journey that takes you through the city of Livingstone and on into Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, just as the sun begins to set.

Surrounded by nature and soothed by the gentle chug-chug of the locomotive, you'll feast upon a gorgeous five-course meal. As night falls and you hear the frogs start to croak, the train pulls in to the station and you disembark, head back to your hotel suite and sink into your comfortable bed for a good night's snooze.

Zambezi Sunset Cruise

As the Victoria Falls thunders over the rock face, remember it feeds into the fourth longest river in Africa, the Zambezi. While the roaring waterfall is a noisy, turbulent spray of water, further down the Zambezi is significantly calmer, making a cruise trip along the water a most pleasurable experience.

Thanks to the African Queen and African Princess Boat Cruises, you can take your pick and enjoy one of the daily morning, lunch or sunset cruises to round off your Zambian holiday experience. If ending your day in the African sun with a sunset cruise suits you, you're in for a particularly beautiful treat.

Enjoy a slow cruise down the Zambezi River as you sip traditional cocktails and tuck in to some fine snacks. As the animals come to the riverside for a cooling drink of water after a hot day in the sun, you'll undoubtedly spot wildlife at rest.

It's quite common to see elephants, hippos and other resident animals relaxing on the river's banks before they settle in for the evening. And as the stars begin to twinkle above and twilight turns to darkness, you'll be soothed towards slumber, as this tranquil trip comes to an end.

So you see, it is possible to soak up the African sunshine all day, and still savour a Zambian adventure in the evenings!