15 Aug 2013 | By Sun International

The Storyteller of Livingstone

​One of the most popular people at The Royal Livingstone Hotel is the official storyteller, Edward Minyoi.

Edward will most likely be the first person you meet at the hotel, as he will greet you in his colourful dress, waving his arms and singing.

He hails from the Lozi tribe in western Zambia, a people who, strangely, have a bond with the Scottish.

“We wear a dress like the Scottish. But the difference is we put something on underneath, whereas the Scottish men don’t. It became part of our tradition in the 18th century,” he says.

Having started as a barman at the hotel in 2001, Edward quickly discovered that he loved to talk with the guests and tell them his stories.

It wasn’t long before guests from as far as Europe and America were booking at the hotel and asking about the famous storyteller they’d heard about.

So if you find yourself sitting in the Travellers’ Lounge late at night, with a whisky in hand, call Edward over and let him tell you one of his favourite stories.