01 Oct 2014 | By Sun International

Elephant-Back Safaris in Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls in Zambia is one of those rare travel destinations that offer up adventure activities in abundance and soulful experiences in spades. Among the many things to do in Victoria Falls, an elephant back safari will give you a unique game viewing perspective, as well as a chance to interact on a personal level with Africa’s magnificent gentle giants.

Besides enjoying a vantage point that gives you lofty views, an elephant back safari is a completely natural game viewing activity, and will take you within whispering distance of Africa's wildlife in a way that a rumbling 4x4 vehicle never can. It’s silent. It’s soulful. And if you’re staying at the Royal Livingstone hotel or Zambezi Sun, it’s easily arranged on your behalf.

An intimate safari experience

The journey begins with a formal introduction. Standing in the shadow of an elephant, you’re immediately struck by its immense size. Don’t be alarmed when an inquisitive trunk explores your pockets, and gets a good whiff of your hair. This is an elephant’s way of sussing you out before embarking on safari together. Once you set off, you’ll see some of Africa’s most majestic scenery while the herd follows the matriarch (the family’s most experienced female) as she leads you steadily – and surprisingly silently – through pristine woodlands, grazing plains, and into the bush.

Guided by expert rangers, an elephant back safari will take you on an ambling Zambian adventure into the midst of some incredible wildlife. And the best part is buffalo, giraffe, zebra and other game won’t be spooked by your presence.

You’ll also gain invaluable insight into elephant behaviour as you watch the herd eat, socialise, play and swim. In the time you spend meandering through the bushveld, you’ll come to know each member of the elephant family, and appreciate their individual characters and personalities. Bonding with an elephant in this way is a life-affirming experience, and one that should be at the top of your travel bucket list.

When the day is done and you return to your Victoria Falls accommodation, this exhilarating safari experience will live on in your heart for the duration of your travels in Zambia, and for many years to come.