Travel | 30 Mar 2015 | By Sun International

Your Guide to the Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls

Is there really a perfect time to experience paradise? Perhaps not, but when it comes to appreciating the full grandeur of the mighty Victoria Falls and deciding when to visit there is an optimal season depending on your interests.

This is not to say the Victoria Falls falls short at certain times of the year – of course not, this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site we’re talking about, after all! It is merely a guide to the best time to visit Victoria Falls in order to appreciate all of the incredible activities on offer for guests of the 5-star Royal Livingstone Hotel.

Did you know? While the weather might impact the water level of the falls, come rain or shine, The Royal Livingstone Hotel guests have free, unlimited access to the Victoria Falls via a private entrance.

First things first, here’s your guide to the seasons for your Victoria Falls adventure:

Victoria Falls in the Summer

When? October to April, with temperatures reaching approximately 30 degrees Celsius.
During the evening, the temperature drops to approximately 14 degrees Celsius. Summer also includes the rainy season that runs from around November to March with afternoon. Thunderstorms light up the skies frequently during this wonderful season. During summer the sunsets are particularly superb.

Did you know? Each guestroom at The Royal Livingstone has its own private terrace, perfect for enjoying the sunrise and sunset from the comfort of your own room.

For a Victoria Falls vacation during the summer season, remember to pack the following:

  • Raincoat or poncho
  • Quick drying clothes
  • Swimming costumes
  • Sunscreen and a hat
  • Sandals
  • Binoculars
  • Newman’s bird book for Victoria Falls bird-watching

Victoria Falls in the Winter

When? May to September, with some of October feeling a bit chilly in the evening.
During the day, the temperature is usually pleasant with an average of 20 degrees Celsius. During the evening the temperature drops, sometimes plummeting to around 5 degrees Celsius. Winter is the best time for game viewing.
For a Victoria Falls vacation during the winter season, remember to pack the following:

  • Warm clothes such as a scarf, beanie and jacket for the chilly evenings
  • Long trousers for the elephant safari
  • Binoculars for game viewing
  • Sunscreen and a hat (it’s still very sunny during the day)

Regardless of when you decide when visit to Victoria Falls, remember to also pack:

  • Camera and charger
  • Comfortable, closed walking shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Gym attire if you’d like to make use of The Royal Livingstone Gym.

Did you know? The dress code for all of The Royal Livingstone’s restaurants and bars is smart casual, so remember to keep that in mind when packing.

The great thing about a Victoria Falls holiday at The Royal Livingstone is that regardless of the season, you’re guaranteed sunshine and unforgettable memories.  So if a bit of sunshine is your only requirement for your Royal Livingstone vacation, then the entire calendar year is yours to claim for an amazing experience. All you have to do is grab a G&T and take a seat at The Royal Livingstone’s Sundecks located right on the Zambezi River.

Water Levels at Victoria Falls

However, if you’re keen to take a dip in Africa’s most impressive natural infinity pool, Devil’s Pool, or have lunch on Livingstone Island then you have to consider the water level when deciding the best time to visit Victoria Falls.
Here’s your guide to the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls water level:

High water: between February and July, with the peak occurring between March and April. The spray from the Falls is at its most impressive during this period.

Low water: between August and January, with the lowest level occurring between November and early December. During this period, there is not much spray from the Falls and the geological formation of the Falls is revealed.

The Devil’s Pool experience and visits to Livingstone Island are only possible during the low water period which can vary slightly from the above. To ensure that you get to tick these once-in-a-lifetime experiences off your bucket list, consult The Royal Livingstone’s Activity Desk before booking your vacation.

When deciding the best time to visit Victoria Falls for you, keep in mind that as of January 2015, travel between South Africa and Zambia will no longer require a yellow fever vaccination certificate. It’s also good to know that all guestrooms at The Royal Livingstone Hotel are fitted with insect repellent devices and sprays to ensure a peaceful experience.

Remember, ultimately the best time to visit Victoria Falls is as soon as possible. With The Royal Livingstone specialising in 5-star luxury and service, come rain or shine, you can be assured of an unforgettable Victoria Falls experience. Click here to find out more information about your Victoria Falls vacation at The Royal Livingstone.