12 Feb 2015 | By Sun International

The Ultimate Honeymoon at Zambia’s Royal Livingstone Hotel

Are you planning your dream honeymoon? Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to go on a 5-star honeymoon? We chat to Sean and Genvieve, the winners of The Maslow Hotel’s Million Rand Wedding to find out about their unforgettable honeymoon experience at the Royal Livingstone Hotel. 

Q: The Royal Livingstone Hotel is famous for being one of the top hotels in Africa. Now that you have experienced its 5-star luxury, would you recommend it as a honeymoon destination? 

A: Most definitely, this was the most incredible hotel destination that we have ever seen. We wouldn’t only recommend it as a honeymoon destination, but also just a destination to share the impeccable beauty with your loved ones.

Q: What was your first impression of your honeymoon suite? Did you jump on the bed?

A: We were in awe of the treatment and the beauty around us. We didn’t jump on our bed because our bed had been carefully laid out with flowers inscribed with the words “Mr and Mrs Hutton”.

Instead, we looked at each other, and simultaneously uttered the word “wow!”

Q: When explorer David Livingstone described Victoria Falls to the Queen he wrote “no one can imagine the beauty of the view”. How would you describe the first time you saw Victoria Falls?

A: As the smoke thundered, our hearts warmed. It’s a feeling of serenity that can only be described as you sit on the edge of the falls in Devil’s Pool.

Q: There is so much to do and see when staying at The Royal Livingstone Hotel. What were some of your favourite activities during your honeymoon?

A: By far our most memorable experience was sitting at the edge of the falls in Devil’s Pool.  It makes you realise the strength of everything around us and brought a sense of peace. Other memorable experiences were the African Queen Sunset Cruise. We also went elephant-back riding, which was something that neither of us had experienced before. To end the memories off we were taken on a 5-star train ride on the Royal Livingstone Express.

Q: With 4 blissful days at the 5-star Royal Livingstone, what was the highlight of your honeymoon?

A: The highlight of our honeymoon in and amongst all our activities had to be all the time that we got to spend together alone simply enjoying each other’s company.

After a manic year and the emotions of the week building up to the wedding, the honeymoon allowed us the first opportunity to enjoy our time together.

Q: After all the excitement of the wedding day, did you manage to relax and unwind on your honeymoon? 

A: We made a deal that with all the beauty and things to do at the Royal Livingstone; we would leave the relaxing until later. Even though we said this and were busy all the time, we still did manage to relax and unwind.

Q: The word “honeymoon” is said to be derived from the notion that first month of marriage is the sweetest – would you agree? What have you learned about marriage so far?

A: Most definitely the first month was the sweetest as included a honeymoon with an extended 3 week holiday thereafter. Though we must say, the second month has been just as sweet.

Q: What advice would you give to couples planning their honeymoon?

A: Find a place that you both will enjoy. If we could suggest a honeymoon destination it would simply have to be the Royal Livingstone. No words could do justice to the experience that we had.

Q: Now that your honeymoon is over, how do you keep the romance alive in your relationship?

A: That’s our special little secret.  ;-)

Q: Wedding preparations usually include dieting to ensure that you look your absolute best for the photos. Since the big day was over, did you indulge at The Royal Livingstone? How would you rate the food?

A: Neither of us dieted before the wedding. Instead we tried to enjoy every day for what it brings – food and otherwise. The food at The Royal Livingstone? Superb! Epecially the High Tea.

Q: Any plans to return to The Royal Livingstone Hotel for a second honeymoon?

A: One day… One day when we are big!

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