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The Chinese New Year: How to have a lucky Year of the Rat

The Chinese New Year, also known as chunjie (春节) or the Spring Festival, begins on 25 February and lasts 15 days.

The Spring Festival is a celebration to usher in the New Year. According to a Chinese legend, every New Year's Eve, a monster named Nian (年) would terrorise a village until one boy bravely chased it away with firecrackers. This is why fireworks displays at midnight and in the morning have become a central theme of the celebrations.

This is the Year of the Rat which, according to Chinese astrology, heralds wealth and surplus. For fortune to smile over every aspect of your life – from relationships to the gaming floor – don't do these things during the festival.

  1. Don't say anything negative
    Don't jinx yourself or bring misfortune to your loved one by using negative words, such as "kill", "ghost", "death", "sick" or "empty".
  2. Don't break anything
    Breaking anything ceramic or glass during the festival could shatter your connection to prosperity and fortune. If you do so, follow these instructions.
  3. Don't do any house-cleaning
    For many, this will be an easy rule to follow. It's forbidden to do any cleaning or throw out the garbage during the festival. If the trash starts to pile up, bag it, but only throw it out after the fifth day of the festival.
  4. Don't sharp objects
    Stay away from knives, scissors and other sharp objects, as they will cut your stream of wealth and success. Trips to the salon or barber are also forbidden until 2 February.
  5. Don't go collecting debt
    Following up with someone who owes you money during the festival will bring bad luck to you both. That goes for lending someone cash too!

Happy New Year!

Your lucky colours: Blue, gold and green
Your lucky numbers: 2 and 3
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