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Make the right investments in your kit to propel your golf game at the Gary Player Country Club Golf Course.

Novice golfers are confronted by a bewildering array of equipment choices. The ability to enhance your game with new tech is one of the attractions of the sport, but make the wrong move here and it can result in a waste of money and frustration. Perhaps you’ll even drop out of the field entirely into a simpler game – like whizzing down the slides at the Valley of the Waves.

It can be tempting to go in all clubs blazing and splash out on the biggest brands, with visions of green jackets in your mind, but this is the golfing equivalent of donning an ill-fitting designer suit. Assuming that you’ve made the decision to take up the sport seriously and you have a reasonable budget, going for that bargain-basement special on a full set of clubs is equally inadvisable.

This is because each individual golfer has their own unique demands of their equipment. Rather than obsessing over brand names, test and choose clubs that suit your body type, physical condition and ability, with a view to posting the best score. Do your research – rushing in will only land you in the bunker. You can always upgrade or add to your bag at a later date.

Here are three things to consider when choosing your set of clubs:

Shaft length and flex. Taller players generally do better with longer shafts. You’ll need the right amount of shaft flex to suit your swing, and prevent ballooning or a lack of flight.

Loft. Clubs with low angles generally result in longer drives, while ones with higher angles result in the ball rising and descending into the air on a steeper angle.

Head size. Just like with tennis racquets, clubs with bigger heads are more forgiving and suitable for beginners. The trade-off is that they can be unwieldy and lack finesse.

A word of caution: you should be looking to create a balanced portfolio of clubs. Sun City Golf operations manager and trainer, JC Coetzer, warns beginners – and their more experienced counterparts – not to neglect the putter. “We often find that novices spend a lot of money on drivers and woods in a bid to gain those long distances, but the truth is that you use your putter three times more frequently on the course. Investing in a quality putter can be of real benefit when it comes to reducing your handicap.”

With so much to consider, the buying process can be overwhelming for even the most decisive golfers. Thankfully, at Sun City, you don’t need to make these important decisions on your own. The Pro Shop at the Gary Player Country Club is staffed by experienced golfers who will be able to advise you on the best route to getting the most out of your game. It offers a comprehensive range of equipment, apparel and accessories.

And yes, if you insist, they’ll even fit you out with a nice pair of pink tartan socks.

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