23 Aug 2014 | By Sun International

Finding Adventure in Lesotho

Aptly known as the “Kingdom in the Sky”, Lesotho seemingly floats above the rest of Southern Africa. Bearing the unique title of being the only independent state in the world to lie at least 1 000 metres above sea level at every point, Lesotho is truly a kingdom among the clouds. In fact, rather dizzyingly, 80% of the country lies at least 1 800 metres above sea level. Completely surrounded by South Africa, this mountainous country is an adventurous and exciting detour from its neighbour.

Visitors to Lesotho will be amazed by the striking mountain scenery and the winding hiking trails that seem to lead directly to the sky. Not only known for its beautiful and matchless landscapes, Lesotho is the home of the proud Basotho people who are friendly and warm even when the weather turns icy and snow sprinkles the mountaintops.

Did you know? Lesotho is often called the “Switzerland of Africa”.

A world of adventure and exquisite scenery is waiting for you only a few hundred kilometres away from the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg.

Discover your adventurous spirit, feel the ecstatic high of exploring nature’s limits and end your days relaxing in Sun International’s four-star Lesotho Sun or tranquil Maseru Sun. Guests of the Lesotho Sun and Maseru Sun can enjoy a jam-packed schedule of in-house activities and experiences or venture beyond the plush settings of their hotels and discover Lesotho’s superb tourist attractions.

With Lesotho, the sky is not the limit!

Discover your inner daredevil and test your personal limits with a hike to the Thaba-Bosiu National Monument. Found atop the historical mountain of the same name, “Thaba-Bosiu” means “Mountain at Night”. Not only physically thrilling, the hike also provides visitors with fascinating insights into the origin of this magical kingdom.

Although the views from the mountaintop of Lesotho are breath-taking, the untouched, picturesque landscape of Lesotho is best appreciated atop the preferred mode of transportation for most Basotho people ─ the pony. No riding experience is necessary for pony trekking and each trip is personally tailored to suit your time-constraints and interests.

Whether you choose a brief journey or an afternoon-long expedition, pony trekking will allow you to see the hidden parts of Lesotho as most of the pony paths are too narrow for cars to explore. Wave goodbye to modern living and experience the slow serenity of the hilltops of one of the last remaining monarchies in Africa.

After playing cowboy atop a Basotho pony, why not relax and unwind at the pool. Whether you are staying at the Maseru Sun or the Lesotho Sun, both hotels offer guests unlimited access to world-class, sparkling-blue swimming pools.

A great place to recharge before another day of excitement, the Lesotho Sun is famous for its poolside retreat, Letamong Pool Bar. Heating up during the summer months, guests can enjoy delicious, tropical cocktails at this poolside bar while making the most of the gorgeous summer sunshine.

Perfectly suited to fun-loving families, the Maseru Sun pool complex includes a giant chessboard and a beautifully lush garden. Whether you flex your intellectual muscles with a game of chess or perfect the art of napping in the garden, you are sure to feel revitalised for a new day of thrill-seeking in Lesotho.

Lesotho is home to several mountain bike races, with the Lesotho Thin Air challenge being one of the most notorious high altitude races in the world.

Too cold for the pool? Dreaming of steaming hot chocolate instead of frozen cocktails? It must be winter! Although the very thought of winter might have you heading indoors beneath endless layers of coats and scarves, in Lesotho, winter is truly magical! The only place where you can snowboard or ski in Southern Africa, a skiing adventure in Lesotho will have you scoffing at all of those who trek thousands of miles abroad to enjoy snowy adventures when magical Lesotho is only an hour’s flight from Johannesburg.

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