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Decades of Glamour at the Sun Met celebrated with Mumm

Pop the bubbly for Decades of Glamour! Get ready to flaunt your frock at South Africa's most fashionable horse-racing event: The Sun Met celebrated with Mumm.

From the ponies and the punters to the fillies and fashionistas, this prestigious equestrian event has been a firm favourite with the public dating back to its earliest years, when people attended the race dressed in their finest to see and be seen. Their fashionable presence symbolised the glamour and sophistication of this event. Today the 133-year old race remains a highlight on the social calendar.

It is because of this rich heritage that the theme for the Sun Met celebrated with Mumm has been announced as Decades of Glamour. From vintage to modern and daring to classic, the theme explores fashion trends dating back to the 1920s.

Pick your favourite fashion decade and source your outfit with your friends. Whether you go all-out retro or put the glam into grunge, Decades of Glamour captures the essence of the last eight decades.

Want to know how to unleash your inner flapper or express yourself in hippie chic? The Miss South Africa 2017 semi-finalists show you how to parade your true style on race day:


If you loved The Great Gatsby, the flapper look might be for you! This is the decade when fashion entered the modern era. Women abandoned the more restricting fashions of past years and embraced shift dresses. Men too, abandoned more formal daily attire and even began to wear athletic clothing for the first time.

Get the flapper look: Pair your sparkly shift dress with long necklaces and a cloche hat, or adorn your hair with glittering jewels for instant glamour.

1920s fashion inspiration from the big screen: The Great Gatsby


Known as the Golden Age of Glamour for women’s fashion, this era was about escapism and glamourous Hollywood starlets. The silhouette of choice was one that embraced long, sleek lines that defined the waist, narrowed the hips and amplified broader shoulders.

Get the vintage look: Pair a sleek calf-length skirt with a tailored blouse. Add a scarf for period detail and enhance the look with gloves, hat and handbag.

1930s fashion inspiration from the big screen: Chinatown


The retro decade was defined by the war years and featured padded or puffed shoulders, flattering A-line dresses, and peep-toe shoes. Men wore pinstripe zoot suits, two-tone shoes, vests and fedoras.

Get the retro look: Dress up a knee-length shirt dress or A-line skirt with a short-sleeve peplum jacket and round-toed heels. 

1940s fashion inspiration from the big screen: The Notebook


The 50s were influenced by two silhouettes – the wide circle skirt and the pencil skirt. The ultra feminine style of the decade was expressed in playful polka dot prints, swing dresses and saddle shoes. Men paired bowling shirts with skinny ties and topped of their coolcat look with a fedora.

Get the 50s look: Whether you go all-out rockabilly or Stepford housewife, 50s fashion was fun and flirty.

1950s fashion inspiration from the big screen: Pleasantville


From Mad Men to Jackie O and all the way to Woodstock, fashion in the 1960s underwent a radical change. This was the decade of flower power, which saw the arrival of the mini skirt and hot pants.

Get the flower power look: Dresses from this decade were either short and skimmed the body, or long and loose-fitting in a Renaissance style. Handmade accessories like macramé or beaded necklaces were prized, and flowers, feathers and ribbons were worn in the hair.

1960s fashion inspiration from the big screen: Almost Famous


The disco decade was about freedom, identity and personal expression – letting your inner-self shine through. The mini skirts and bell bottoms of the previous decade were carried into the 70s and amplified.

Get the disco look: Pair a gold mini dress or catsuit with platform shoes and a faux-fur shawl for instant glamour.

1970s fashion inspiration from the big screen: Saturday Night Fever


The glam rock decade was a time of excess and over-the-top flamboyance. From the aerobics craze to Madonna and into the boardroom where power dressing was in vogue. Fashion was bigger and brighter in the 80s.

Get the glam rock look: Go big or go home! Women’s fashion tended towards being big on top and small on the bottom. Pair an oversized shirt with a mini skirt or leggings, wear fingerless lace gloves and adorn your look with rhinestones.

1980s fashion inspiration from the big screen: Pretty in Pink


The denim decade saw a return to minimalist fashion, emulating the glory days of the greatest supermodels of our time. Ready-to-wear designers like Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren ruled the catwalk, and took denim from the weekend into the workplace. 

Get the 90s look: Rock a pair of leather leggings with a cropped denim shirt and killer heels.

1990s fashion inspiration from the big screen: Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion


This era was epitomised by comfortable chic and style icons wearing boyfriend blazers. Influenced by TV shows like Sex and the City and pop stars like Britney Spears and Beyoncé, fashion was daring in the 2000s.    

Get the modern look: Dare to go bare! The 2000s saw many a bare midriff on the catwalk and red carpet. Shiny satin dresses were held together with spaghetti straps; a look perfectly mirrored with strappy heels.

2000s fashion inspiration from the screen: Sex and the City

So, choose your decade and plan your outfit, as well as your man´s, for what promises to be the most glamorous event of the year!

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