Entertainment | 27 Jan 2016 | By Sun International

Behind the Scenes of the Australian Circus in South Africa

In a few short days, the Aussie Circus will be touching ground in South Africa as part of an international circus festival that will showcase daring and dazzling stunt performances and thrilling acrobatics. From the creators of The Great Moscow Circus and The Great Euro Circus, the Australian Circus in South Africa promises to keep audiences spellbound as a cast of talented performers push the boundaries of physical limitations and challenge gravity.

Ahead of the South African leg of the tour, which will feature performances at several Sun International properties, we chatted to the circus's executive producer, Sebastian Cassie, who took us behind the curtain on this widely anticipated international circus festival.

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You can see the Aussie Circus live in action at the following Sun International properties on their South African leg of their world tour:

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