Entertainment | 07 Aug 2013 | By Michael Vlismas for Sun International

The Beer Pong Craze

Talk about the Masters, and you think golf. Mention the World Series and you think baseball. Discuss Satellite Tournaments and you think of tennis. You wouldn’t think beer. And you certainly wouldn’t think of a college drinking game gone global and which can earn its champion as much as $50 000. It’s called Beer Pong and it’s coming to a bar near you.

Basically, the game involves two teams at opposite ends of a table. Each end of the table has 10 cups filled with beer and arranged in a format similar to bowling pins. Each team then takes turns throwing ping-pong balls at the other team’s cups. If one goes in, the cup is removed (and the beer usually consumed). The winner is the first team to have all the other team’s cups removed.

Describing it as a sport would be generous. Attaching any amount of skill to it would be akin to describing croquet as an endurance sport. But there’s no denying its popularity, with the greats of the game known as Cup Killers or Studs.

Beer Pongers (if that’s what you even call them) are certainly conscious of the image of their game. They are currently fighting hard to get rid of the “bro factor” in the game, namely the image of a bunch of men getting drunk playing a silly drinking game.

Instead, this is a bunch of men using skill to play a drinking game, and occasionally getting drunk. No really, there is a difference...​