Sun International has partnered with Discover Digital to reward our loyalty members with an added-value benefit that they can use at a reduced rate.

Digital Entertainment On Demand (DEOD) is Discover Digital's ground-breaking fun new service. It provides affordable premium entertainment using a fresh and vibrant "TV over the Internet" model - entertainment when you want it and how you want it!

MVG Benefit

Standard subscription rates as follows:

MVG MVG Rate Discount
Platinum R 76.50 15%
Gold R 81 10%
Silver R 83.25 7.5%

Why choose DEOD?

DEOD provides a choice selection of quality content - a mix of series, movies, music videos, kids' shows, sports and news programming that appeals to the whole family. AND it gives you the choice of watching on-the-go or in the comfort of your home. See the amazing selection of titles here.

Did you know? DEOD is the first converged service available in Africa offering live TV channels as well as video-on-demand titles as part of various subscription options.

DEOD offers you the ability to rent the latest blockbusters and cinema releases, hot off the big screen, on a pay per view basis without needing a subscription. And it puts you in control: it's the ultimate in Internet television, giving you more on-demand on your TV, PC, or mobile device.

It is an African on-demand first and no long-term contracts are involved.

How does a Sun MVG member access the DEOD benefit?

The Sun MVG loyalty member will need to access the DEOD website to obtain the link to register for the DEOD benefit.

Why Do Sun MVG Members Need To Register Again On The DEOD Site?

Sun International is in partnership with Discover Digital. We have not shared our loyalty members’ personal information with Discover Digital. The only information we share, once the loyalty member has registered, is the customer status. This is used to determine the discounts the member will receive.

Who Manages All The DEOD Registrations And Support?

DEOD have a Contact Centre that will assist customers with all their queries from sign up to packages to troubleshooting.

Customers can email or call the Contact Centre on 087 095 3363