Sun MVG is your trump card

Good things come in fours

Status is everything.

Your MVG status is determined by your Tier Credits. The more you visit, play, and stay at Sun International hotels and casinos, the more Tier Credits you'll earn. You’ll enjoy more rewards and benefits when you progress from Silver to Gold and onto Platinum and the pinnacle: the ultra-exclusive Diamond club.

Sun MVG tier: Diamond
Credits required: 10 000
Sun MVG tier: Platinum
Credits required: 1 000
Sun MVG tier: Gold
Credits required: 100
Sun MVG tier: Silver
No credits required

How to earn Tier Credits

Casino play & SunBet: One Tier Credit for every theoretical R100 spent.

To earn Tier Credits and move up through the tiers, use your MVG card when playing slots, table games, betting online with SunBet and when checking into a Sun International hotel and dining at participating Sun International restaurants and bars

Play it safe

We've put measures in place to allow for safe and secure transactions
across Sun International casinos, hotels, and resorts.

PIN-enabled MVG cards
All MVG cards are PIN-enabled to secure Leisure transactions and protect your cash at the Cash Desk or when playing table games.

Photo identification
All MVGs must have their photos taken and printed on the back of their new cards to allow for easy identification.

Collect your card

Collect your new MVG card at any South African Sun International casino. Please bring your South African ID or passport.
Remember: You only need one MVG card to visit any Sun International casino.

Terms and conditions apply