Golf | 01 Sep 2016 | By Dustin Jordan

Helping future sports stars shine!

As a business, Sun International has the unique opportunity of operating from bricks-and-mortar establishments within many communities across South Africa. It’s this position that creates inroads for the company to contribute to the communities in which it operates and have a real impact on them in a positive way through a number of socio-economic developments.

Sport has a powerful and well-proven ability to help uplift communities. Sadly, for many people in South Africa, a lack of facilities and access to equipment can hinder participation in a number of sports, thereby not allowing budding sports stars to reach their full potential. As a founding trustee of The Sports Trust, Sun International aims to help overcome these barriers.

Eugene Boniface, Sun International’s trustee of The Sports Trust, explains, ‘Sport creates excitement, camaraderie  and opportunity – and it’s a catalyst for change. Sport will continue to play a major role in all our communities.’

By aiding social and other sports-related initiatives, Sun International hopes to give these communities access to the equipment and facilities they need.

Collaborate to create

Carol Crawford, the Trust’s marketing and communications manager, says Sun International is instrumental in providing guidance and increasing the Trust’s fundraising efforts. One of the main ways Sun International collaborates with the Trust is by hosting an annual fundraising event for amateur golfers.

The Sports Trust Golf Challenge takes place the day after the Nedbank Golf Challenge, and amateur golfers get the opportunity to play the course exactly as it was set up for the  last day of play by the professionals.

The Challenge raises R1 million for golf development annually, and beneficiaries include the SA Disabled Golf Association and the SA Golf Development Board. It’s a win-win – by supporting The Sports Trust, Sun International is helping to nurture talent at grass-roots level and develop tomorrow’s sports heroes today, as well as implementing various other sports-related development projects.

‘The key to our future as a sporting nation is transformation and development in sport,’ says Carol. ‘Through collaboration we believe future sports stars can have the chance to shine in their chosen discipline regardless of their background or financial situation.’

5 main aims of The Sports Trust

  1. Bringing about change in disadvantaged communities and at schools throughout  South Africa.
  2. Assisting with the construction or installation of sports facilities.
  3. Distributing sports equipment and kits.
  4. Providing effective delivery of sustain-able sports development programmes.
  5. To date the Trust has invested more than R350 million in various projects around South Africa, touching lives and giving a sporting opportunity to many who participate in sport.

In sports we trust

‘The Sports Trust is an independent organisation that was jointly established by the private and public sectors in 1994 to further sport development,’ says Carol Crawford, the Trust’s marketing and communications manager.

Did you know?

To date the Trust has invested more than R350 million in various projects around South Africa.