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Outside of the USA, South Africa has more golf courses than any other country. Of these many courses, only a few are world-class and four of them belong to Sun International.

Southern Africa has rapidly emerged as an international golfers’ paradise. The quality of courses, together with a temperate climate allow for year-round play and superb course conditioning. For this reason, Sun International has designed greens that meet international standards, where each course draws on the unique strengths of the environment and climate in which it was developed. All our courses are maintained and serviced regularly, and see many seasoned and amateur golfers return to master the game in our idyllic settings.

The stable of Sun International resorts has seamlessly blended the true African golfing experience with uncompromising standards of service. For the golfer wishing to sample an astounding diversity of course design in pristine settings, Sun International’s hotels and golfing resorts are an obvious choice.

Welcome To Golfers' Paradise

Golf isn’t all about bunkers, birdies and bogeys, in fact, in our world it is a game that includes African bushvelds, oceanic views, perfectly manicured Kikuyu fairways and mountainous terraces. From the North West Province to the Eastern Cape, we invite you to tee off on southern Africa’s top golf courses.

Where else can one enjoy playing golf courses of the highest quality, while accommodated in luxurious rooms all in exotic African locations?


Sun International hosts and partners with some of the greatest events on the South African golfing calendar.

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