Sun Slots

Formerly known as GPI Slots, Sun Slots is the collective name given to Sun International’s Limited Payout Machines (LPMs) which can be accessed in over 700 licensed venues in South Africa. With Sun Slots, you now have access to a variety of casino games at your nearest hotel, pub, bar or sports club which means that your favourite slots can now be played at a venue that’s convenient to you! Bringing the casino environment closer to home, this ease of access is the reason why many people choose to play LPMs in an environment that suits them.



Sun Slots, a division of Sun International, currently own and operate six LPM route operators in South Africa’s four biggest provinces. These include Grand Gaming Slots in Gauteng and Mpumalanga respectively; Hot Slots in Gauteng; Kingdomslots and KZN Slots in KwaZulu-Natal; and Grandslots in the Western Cape.

Limited Payout Machines

As defined in the National Gambling Act, 7 of 2004, a ‘limited payout machine’ or LPM is a slot machine game with a restricted bet and prize. There are three main categories of players in the LPM industry: these include route operators, site operators and the operator of the National Central Electronic Monitoring System (NCEMS). Route operators are companies that are licensed to own, manage and operate LPMs in conjunction with a site operator. NCEMS is a centralised LPM monitoring and evaluation system operated by Route Monitoring in Johannesburg.

As a subsidiary of Sun International, Sun Slots owns and manages six LPM route operators in South Africa. The business is licensed to install and operate 6 000 LPM slot machine games in licensed venues (typically pubs, bars, clubs, hotels and taverns), primarily with age-controlled access.

Sun Slots Support Responsible Gambling

Gambling is only for persons 18 years and older. Winners know when to stop. National Responsible Gambling Programme Toll-Free Counselling Line: 0800 006 008. Sun Slots is licensed by the National Gambling Board.