Happy Father's Day

Come celebrate with us!

Sometimes you say 'Dad' when you want to say 'My hero' and Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to let Dad know exactly how special he is and how much you appreciate him - even when he's grumpy!

From festive fun at Carnival City to brilliant braais at Time Square, join us this Father's Day.


Bayside Pantry Braai Buffet

Carnival City

Father’s Day Draw

Golden Valley

Father’s Day Buffet


Father's Day Lunch

The Maslow Sandton

Father's Day Lunch


Harvest Father’s Day Buffet


Father's Day Lunch

The Table Bay

Camissa Brasserie and Camelot Spa

Time Square

Father's Day Pool Deck Braai

Time Square

Father's Day Lunch Buffet

Time Square

Father’s Day At Guy Fieri's


All Things Boyz Buffet