Building an Environmentally Conscious Culture

Our approach to environmental management is defined by our Corporate Sustainability Strategy, and is aligned to the requirements of the ISO 14001 international environmental standards.

We integrate environmental management into sustainable business practices throughout every level of our business by including sustainability as an integral part of our business strategy and working across the various areas of our business operations.


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Working Together with Our Sustainability Partners

We identify partner organizations that align with our business interests where our involvement can make a distinct contribution in solving real and underlying problems.

These partnerships enable us to participate in projects that our guests can support with minimal effort required on their part.


Sun International has been a Principle member of WWF-SA since 1998.
Flamingo Casino financially supports WESSA and currently holds a Silver Membership Status

Working Towards Sustainable Supply Chains

"Green" procurement is not simply about buying green products, but rather a holistic approach that considers the economic, environmental and social elements during all our procurement decisions.

Careful evaluation of the components within these elements creates the framework for sustainable procurement which results in the effective outcomes that benefit our operations.

Grandwest supports the community run nursery through green sustainable procurement practices. Not only does the hotel purchase vegetables and plants from the nursery but they supply all the food waste to the nursery's worm farm which is turned into organic fertilizer used in the nursery.

At Sun International, we understand that there is a global concern about the over-exploitation of seafood resources and the environmental impacts of fishing and aquaculture activities on marine ecosystems.

Seafood is an important component of our food offering and nets in as a key differentiator of our Corporate Sustainability Strategy, Sun Glow. As such, we have partnered with SASSI to ensure that we effectively implement a credible sustainable seafood programme throughout all our operations thus contributing towards the positive change for healthier marine ecosystems.

Sun International is the first gaming, hospitality and entertainment group in Africa to commit to transforming all its restaurant operations, which serve seafood by 2018.

To demonstrate our commitment to the sustainable seafood programme, a sustainable seafood strategy plan has been implemented in 15 of our properties and is supported by a Sustainability Seafood Policy, signed by the Chief Executive, Graeme Stephens.

Our Resource Consumption at a Glance

We are committed to preventing pollution and reduce our impact on natural resources by continually improving measures to manage and monitor our environmental impacts on the diverse environments in which we operate.