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  • Take Your Family Somewhere Friendly
    The Eastern Cape is a world of adventure, and Port Elizabeth is where it all begins.
    Posted by: Michael Vlismas for Sun International
    15 January 2014
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    ​Port Elizabeth - the perfect family holiday destination.​

  • ​It took a while for anybody to realise just how good Port Elizabeth is. The early Portuguese explorers, led by that global tourist Bartholomew Dias, had a look around the bay in the late 1400s. But then they drifted on.

    Over the next few decades European explorers continued to show little interest in Algoa Bay.

    And then in 1799 the British built the first timeshare units there – a stone fort that was the beginning of the present day Port Elizabeth.

    The 1820 Settlers arrived, and Sir Rufane Shawe Donkin named the place Port Elizabeth in memory of his wife who died from a fever in India.

    Port Elizabeth grew into an important industrial centre and, of course, a favourite holiday destination.

    The famous King’s Beach is where the British Royal Family swam during their Royal Tour in 1947, and Hobie Beach is another popular destination. Both are also close enough to the Boardwalk Casino the entertainment heartbeat of Port Elizabeth with its shops, restaurants, casino and live entertainment.

    From whale watching to watersports, and fishing to festivals, Port Elizabeth offers a new take on the traditional family holiday.

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