Sun International casinos offer a range of exciting table games for you to enjoy! Whether you prefer the excitement of Blackjack, the anticipation of Roulette or the intensity of poker, you won't be disappointed when you walk into a Sun International casino.

When playing on our tables you'll use Casino Value Chips that can be purchased from the Cash Desk or direct at the tables. You may also load money onto your smart card at the Cash Desk and use your smart card at the tables to buy chips for your favourite game.

Our dealers, inspectors and pit bosses control the games on our casino tables. If you've got any queries relevant to the game being played, you're welcome to ask the dealer. In order to make sure that our guests can game without interruption; we ask that any general queries be directed to the inspector or pit boss.

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We ask that our visitors respect that the cordoned off area behind each table that is reserved for staff only. Take note that table denominations may vary from game-to-game and table-to-table. Each table will display a stakeboard showing the minimum table bet available.




Punto Banco


GranDice is a fun to play, fast and exciting action packed dice game.The game of GranDice is about the various number combinations which can come from the roll of the two dice. The pay-outs are based on the probability of a particular number combination coming up when two dice are thrown.

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Sun International supports responsible gambling. Gambling for persons 18 years and older. Winners know when to stop.

National Responsible Gambling toll-free counselling line 0800 006 008. Sun International Casinos are licensed Casinos. For more information visit: Responsible Gambling