How MVG Works

Get all the information you need to make the most of being an MVG cardholder with Sun International! We've outlined the way things work to allow you to get on your way to earning the many member benefits and rewards.

Update your MVG information with us so we can provide you with all the latest news and promotions tailored to meet your specific interests.

Earn MVG Points

When joining the Sun International MVG Programme, we'll give you a Maroon MVG card, which you can use to play at all our Sun International casinos*. To get started, simply insert your MVG card into the card reader on any slot machine or hand it to one of the tables' staff and you're away.

MVG Points are earned as follows:

  • 1 point for every R500 played through any slot machine
  • 1 point for every R2,000 bet at the American Roulette and Poker tables
  • 1 point for every R2,500 bet on all other table games.

Want to check your MVG points balance?
Ask one of our friendly MVG Desk staff to assist you, or simply insert your MVG card into any slot machine.

MVG Card Status

The status of your Sun International MVG card is determined by the number of MVG points you earn at Sun International casinos within a 12 month period. As you progress from Maroon to Silver to Gold and finally to Platinum, you'll be delighted with the increasing benefits and rewards you receive!

Card Status Points Required
Platinum Card 4,500
Gold Card 475
Silver Card 50

*Southern African casinos (Excludes Chile and Nigeria)

Redeem MVG Points

When you earn MVG points, you have the choice to either play them back or exchange them for fantastic rewards.

Programme Mechanics

  • Moving between Sun International casinos is easy and hassle free! MVG cards with cash values less than R1 500 will activate automatically at the slot machine or tables game at any Sun International casino you visit. If your MVG card has a value over R1 500, you will need to visit the Cash Deck where they'll quickly do a transfer for you. This function is available in casinos within South Africa and Lesotho. MVG cards issued in the neighbouring countries will have their MVG card status replicated after MVG card validity and verification is completed.
  • Lost, stolen and damaged cards can be reported to our staff at the MVG Desk. No matter which Sun International casino you're at, they'll ensure that you get a replacement MVG card immediately so that nothing stands in the way of you and your gaming pleasure!
  • Link a partner card to your main MVG card. This allows you to accumulate MVG points together to maintain your current MVG card status or possibly move to the next status level. And should you wish to play more than one slot machine at a time, you can also link additional Maroon cards to your main MVG card.
  • Sun International reserves the right to levy a charge to replace a lost MVG card and unfortunately cannot be held responsible for any loss of monies and/or MVG points resulting from a lost MVG card.
  • Your MVG points earned are valid for a period of 12 months, after which they expire. Unfortunately, forfeited points cannot be reclaimed and retroactive points are not rewarded.
  • Just as you have a Personal Identity Number (PIN) to protect your ATM card, we offer a PIN for your MVG card. Remember that this PIN remains your personal property. Should you divulge your PIN to any other person, Sun International cannot be liable for any loss that ensues. Remember, your MVG PIN protects MVG and Cash Desk transactions; however it will not protect slot machine play.

Sun International supports responsible gambling. Gambling for persons 18 years and older. Winners know when to stop.

National Responsible Gambling toll-free counselling line 0800 006 008. Sun International Casinos are licensed Casinos. For more information visit: Responsible Gambling