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  • The Africology Spa at The Maslow Hotel assists you to re-balance, re-group and function at optimum levels. Africology understands that outcome based treatments are beneficial in a therapeutic, prescriptive offering which is why Africology therapists are regarded as health care consultants as they are able to assess your health needs and treat relevant conditions.

    Africology products are inspired by Mother Nature using naturally blended Marula oils and Ghana Shea infused with African potato, Aloe and Rooibos, creating inspiring aromas and products that work wonders. Africology use pure and natural ingredients, free of chemicals and combine these with the wisdom of traditional healers.

    Signature Africology Spa Treatments

    Africology offer a range of massage treatments, facials, skin adoration wraps, scrubs and other therapeutic treatments created especially for business travellers that treat the endocrine system, supplement melatonin and relieve aches and pains associated with long haul flights.

    • Oxygen Facial Therapy
      A lack of pure fresh oxygen can prevent blood plasma from free flow, restricting the transportation of vital elements in your Biology. Rejuvenating at its optimum, add seven minutes of deep breathing oxygen to your facial. So relaxing and calming, as it purifies blood flow. Sometimes all we need is a little clear thinking. Pure Liquid oxygen is sprayed onto the skin and the combination of internal and external Oxygen supplementation is most valuable in the anti-ageing process.
    • The Maslow Journey
      A journey into the self, starts with the realization and acknowledgment of the bodies expression during moments of stress. Stress a sign from the higher mind to remind us to take time out, let fo and regroup once again. It is in that space, of nothingness, that we are able to hear the voices of our inner being. With this in mind, we have created a safe environment for you to let go. Your journey is bespoke, as your therapist will adapt her therapeutic approach accordingly.
    • Cardio Pause Massage
      A lack of circulation and subsequent disrupted blood flow to the heart can cause an overall sense of exhaustion and lack of motivation. This massage focuses on increasing Blood Flow, allowing for more oxygen to flow through the body. A gentle yet effective massage that maintains cardiac stability.
    • Copper and Hot Stone Pedicure
      This Luxurious African ritual begins by soaking the feet in an energy-balancing copper bath, followed by a warm massage of the arms or legs, reducing water retention and improving circulation. Hot stones are used to massage, which helps penetration stiff muscles and relax. And African Potato masque is applied to the skin to soften rough areas and lock in moisture. The treatment also includes as shoulder massage.
    • African Potato Body Wrap
      Suitable for Pregnant Ladies.
      Our pure and natural Hypoxis body wrap is formulated with African Potato and Marula oil, warmly applied to soften, soothe and improve skin hydration while also fighting free radical damage. This herbal blend relaxes you on application, while the rich background sounds of Africa help the mind focus on the holistic experience. Enjoy a traditional foot ritual and deeply relaxing scalp massage while the wrap is melted into the skin. Finally, there is a soothing massage with body conditioning Marula oil, which creates a natural barrier to hold in moisture and improve collagen and elastin, to complete the experience.

    Add to any of your treatments 5 Minutes of pure Oxygen for short term relief of headaches, fatigue, cramps, jet leg, heat exhaustion, minor aches and pains or for its powerful Anti-ageing medium.

    They also offer a selection of Hydro Therapy treatments
    Sauna, Steam Room, Rasul, Aroma-Steam session, Rejuvenation Therapy as well as a variety of Full Day or Half Day Spa Packages.

    Africology Spa Reservations

    Africology is renowned worldwide for their therapeutic products and treatments and the spa is very much in demand from Maslow Hotel guests as well as non-residents. Please make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

    Times: Mon – Fri 09:00 – 20:00
    Sat 09:00 – 19:00
    Sun 09:00 – 18:00
    Public Holidays 09:00 – 19:00
    t: 010 226 4688 and 011 783 3248 (Direct)

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