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Central Reservations:
+27 11 780 7810

International Traveller Information

Visa Requirements for Zambia

Republic of Zambia Immigration Department: For updated information, please visit

General Falls Resort Information

Currency: ZMW Kwacha (National Zambian Currency)
Language: English
Weather: Sub-tropical climate
Water: Own water purification plant on site – tap water and ice safe to drink
Voltage: 220V
Vaccinations: As of 1 October 2011, all travellers from and to Zambia will be required to show proof of yellow fever vaccination or should be in possession of a valid waiver certificate upon entry into South Africa.

NB: Definition of a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate - Vaccination should be approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), and administered at a yellow fever-approved vaccination centre at least 10 days before departure to South Africa.

Please note: Zambia is in a Malaria area. The resort is regularly sprayed, and rooms at the Falls Resort have repellent, while the rooms at the Royal Livingstone Hotel also have mosquito nets above the beds for guests that prefer the romance of yesteryear.

The Flow of Water at The Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls and the spectacular flow of water can be enjoyed throughout the year. The volume of water cascading over The Falls is dependent on the rainfall in the catchment area of both the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers, which meet near the Chobe National Park in Botswana. The highest volume of water is usually recorded in the months of February to May. When this occurs, Livingstone Island is closed and so, too, are some of the activities carried out in the Batoka Gorge. The flow increases from January to April and is at the lowest from September to January. This information is merely a guide, subject to Mother Nature and rainfall in the catchment area.

Climate and Dress Code

It is very warm during the summer months – October to April – during the day and the night. The winter months – April to September – are only slightly cooler due to the sub-tropical climate. Dress during the day is casual, especially during excursions. The dress in the evenings is casual, during all excursions. The dress code in the evenings is smart/casual, but relaxed. A light sweater or jacket is recommended during the winter months. For day excursions good walking shoes, sunhats, sunglasses and sunscreen are advised.

The general land height gives Zambia a more pleasant climate than that experienced in most tropical countries. There are three seasons: Warm and wet from December to April, cool and dry from May to August, and hot and dry from September to November. The flow of water over Victoria Falls is dependent on the commencement of the rains in the northern part of Zambia. The following chart will give information on past trends:

Months Water flow over Victoria Falls Seasons on average
January Low flow Warm and wet
February Flow increase Warm and wet
March Good flow Warm and wet
April Excellent flow Warm and wet
May Peak flow Cool and dry
June Peak flow Cool and dry
July Good flow Cool and dry
August Average flow Cool and dry
September Water slows Hot and dry
October Medium flow Hot and dry
November Slow flow Hot and dry
December Slow flow Warm and wet
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