Helping our earth to glow

EarthGlow is Sun International's sustainability programme, integrating environmental and social responsibility priorities for the Group. It is a new name for a journey of consciousness that first started in 1996. EarthGlow serves as an identity, a platform that rallies individual effort and consolidates the various environmental and social initiatives that are in place across the Group. It represents renewed energy, focus and impetus for our sustainability programme.

EarthGlow aims to create a world that balances fun with consciousness, through committed and measurable sustainability practices that engage all our stakeholders. EarthGlow unfolds in the Group with quarterly campaigns focusing on the reduction of energy, water, waste and conserving the living environment, thereby directing and co-ordinating the Group's sustainability activities according to areas of greatest priority. The four themes provide a platform for each Sun International property to tailor their sustainability campaigns, synergise communications and engage employees, guests and other stakeholders. It's about maximizing Sun International's social and economic contribution and minimizing our environmental impact.

Group targets for 2013


Sun International subscribes to sustainable tourism, enhancing and protecting the unique destinations where we operate, for generations to come.

EarthGlow has the full support of the Group's Board of Directors and management team. The programme is particularly close to the heart of Sun International Chairman Mohammed Valli Moosa and enjoys his full support. He is the former Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Chairman of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development and President of the International Union for The Conservation of Nature.

A Sustainability Policy guides the Group's efforts to integrate sustainability considerations with business decisions, values and operations.

The EarthGlow sustainability strategy is underpinned by nine pillars relating to climate change, corporate culture, resource conservation, partnerships, legal compliance, environmental management system, green procurement, performance reporting and community investment. ​​​​​​​​​​​​


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