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  • Beer Pong

    Carnival City Beer Pong!
    R 50

    Show Bar

    Carnival City , Gauteng , South Africa
    +27 11 898 7000
    Every Friday

    Event Details

    The excitement never stops at Carnival City with fun extravaganzas and games galore. The latest in this series of crazy action is game called Beer Pong, and it’s taken our guests by storm with participation increasing every week.
    To play the game one needs a R 50 entry fee, steady hands and an indestructible liver. If luck is on your side, you may leave with R1 200 worth of gaming credits and most importantly – bragging rights for the night.
    The game is played on a Ping-Pong-like table, only slightly smaller, by teams of two. Ten cups, filled to a third of a cup with beer, are set like bowling pins near the table edges. As you try bouncing a Ping-Pong ball into the cups on the side opposite to yours, occasionally opponents jump and yell sounds to intimidate opponents, but if you make it, you get to make them drink the cup. The first team to sink all 10 cups wins!
    To book a turn against your buddies or a worthier opponent, visit the Carnival Sports Bar to register, registration is from 6pm, and the games run until 22h00.


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