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  • Interview with Chef Jocelyn Myers-Adams
    Interview with The Table Bay Hotel’s new executive chef.
    Posted by: Sun International
    01 July 2013
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    ​Jocelyn Myers-Adams, Executive Chef at the 5-Star Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town.

  • Newly appointed Executive Chef of the Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town , Canadian Jocelyn Myers-Adams has worked for Conrad Gallagher as a consultant and as Executive Chef of Geisha Wok. She has also worked for the likes of Chef Jamie Kennedy at ROM in Toronto and Gordon Ramsey at his restaurant in Chelsea. She trained at Stratford Chefs School in Ontario and is also a fully qualified Sommelier.

    1. You have been at The Table Bay since 2009. In that time you have been promoted from Executive Chef Tournant, to acting Exec Chef to Exec Chef. What comes next?

    2. My focus will be on highlighting South African cuisine by sourcing local products and incorporating local dishes into our menus.

    3. Which is your favourite restaurant?

    4. I really like Canoe in Toronto, Ontario. I started my career there. The head chef, Anthony Walsh, is extremely talented. I also love the Roundhouse in Gansbaai.

    5. What is your cooking philosophy?

    6. Keep it simple and use great products and always give back to the farmers producing for you.

    7. What is the best meal you have ever eaten?

    8. My most memorable meal was at Heston’s restaurant, the Fat Duck.

    9. How would you describe your cooking style to someone who has never eaten your food before?

    10. I keep things authentic and don’t mix different cuisines. I use beautiful products and showcase them. I like to play with a bit of molecular gastronomy, only to enhance the experience, not to overwhelm.

    11. Any exciting food trends we can look forward to this year?

    12. The trend is moving towards traceable, recognizable and simple. People are taking a more holistic approach to eating.

    13. What is your favourite recipe book?

    14. I am currently reading Mugaritz, very simple and evocative.

    15. If you could work alongside any chef who would it be and why?

    16. I would choose three: Alice Waters, for always honouring and showcasing the product simply, Anthony Bourdain, for pushing boundaries with his maniacal and totally encompassing approach to cooking and Paul Bocuse, for his enormous contribution to the culinary industry and unwavering classical style. I had a stage for few days at his restaurant in Monaco, the Louis XV, but unfortunately he wasn’t there.

    17. What is your favourite thing about living in South Africa?

    18. The people. I love the variety of cultures. Being a Canadian, I bet you thought I’d say the weather.

    19. Your top 3 favourite ingredients

    20. These will always change. Currently I am loving agave shoots which I tasted at a friend’s wedding, Chef PJ Vadas from Vergelegen Wine Estate. Also, local salmon trout, organic quinoa.

    21. What are your favourite South African products?

    22. Waterblommetjies, peppadews and ubuntu.
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