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  • Celebrate the South African Spirit
    Heritage Day is the perfect opportunity to remember how lekker it is to be South African, bru.
    Posted by: Michael Vlismas for Sun International
    30 July 2013
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    ​Celebrate the South African Spirit

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    ​Celebrate the South African Spirit

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    ​Celebrate the South African Spirit

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  • The 24th of September is one of those bakgat days when South Africans are rewarded with a public holiday for just being themselves. Heritage Day celebrates our cultural diversity. It’s also the perfect time to not be a mampara and book yourself the best that Mzansi has to offer, from great getaways to a good braai with friends.

    Pack a few sarmies and head to the platteland for the weekend, put your takkies on and get active with your chommie, or you can just rock up, chill out, grab a colddrink or some slap chips and celebrate being a struesbob South African.

    So get going and celebrate. Not now-now, or just now. Right away, china. Sharp sharp.

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