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  • Get to Grips with WWE
    The Greeks started it, but the boys of the WWE make professional wrestling look good.
    Posted by: Michael Vlismas for Sun International
    01 August 2013
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    ​Get to Grips with WWE

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    Get to Grips with WWE​

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    ​Get to Grips with WWE

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  • If you don’t know your SmackDown from your Raw, or your John Cena from your Undertaker, then now’s the time to pay attention to a roughly $400 million industry. Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment hit South Africa in a big way recently with the WWE World Tour to Grand West Casino & Entertainment World in Cape Town.

    Call it professional wrestling. Call it entertainment. Call it what you like. WWE has taken the world by storm and given it a good shakedown. Vince McMahon is the brains behind this million dollar industry that now has its own Divas section where some pretty hardcore femme fatales get into the ring.

    John Cena is the current holder of the WWE Championship, and also the poster boy of WWE. But pay attention to the names Brock Lesnar, Ryback, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Triple H, Undertaker, Antonio Cesaro and Cody Rhodes as well, all of whom are some of the biggest stars of the circuit.

    Oh, and the hottest talking point at the moment is whether Cena will marry diva Nikki Bella. You mean you didn’t know? C’mon. Get with the A-Show buddy.

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