As part of Sun International's (SI) commitment to the transformation of the South African economy through the adoption of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Framework, SI supports constructive participation of Black South Africans at all levels within our economy. It is this belief that drives our philosophy behind sustainable procurement practices, particularly related to Preferential Procurement and Enterprise Development.

To this end, SI seeks to partner with suppliers who share a similar vision for South Africa, and who will support us in meeting these objectives. We invite such suppliers who believe that they have a relevant product or service offering, to register as a potential supplier to our group, therefore being eligible for consideration in future supply related activities. SI reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion to approve supplier applications.

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The Sun International supplier database is administered by B1SA (Pty) Ltd. For any user queries and technical support, please contact the B1SA call centre:
t: +27 11 455 0033

By clicking on the Login button, you will be directed to the B1SA Business Opportunities Network and will no longer be on the Sun International website.

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  • International companies wishing to register on the SI database should contact the Group Supply Development Manager for guidance
  • Once you have successfully registered onto the SI Supplier Database, your organisation's details will be available to all SI operations for relevant sourcing opportunities. You are also welcome to contact the individual procurement departments directly to promote your product or organisation.
  • It is important to note that SI maintains various group standardized products & services, and registration of a suppliers details on the database does not guarantee any business or course of action by SI.
  • We do however, commit to offering your organization an opportunity to compete for business wherever a suitable opportunity exists, and where your organization meets the requirements of that particular opportunity. Inclusion in such opportunities will be limited to members of our database.
  • Should you feel that any one of our operations has not lived up to this commitment, please notify the Supply Development Manager.

Minimum vendor requirements

SI seeks to engage with suppliers who are 'good corporate citizens'. You will therefore be asked to provide a number of supporting documents as part of your application to supply our group.

This may include the following, and will apply, as and where applicable, to international supplier registrations:

  • Tax Clearance or VAT Registration certificate
  • A Valid B-BBEE certificate (South African suppliers only)
  • Company Registration Certificate (ID document in the case of an individual entity)
  • Compliance to legislation relevant to your sector
  • Gaming Board registration if applicable

In addition to the minimum vendor requirements above, all supplier applications will be put through our internal 'SI Vendor Matrix', designed to holistically assess a supplier's B-BBEE alignment to our own objectives.

In the interests of supplier development, SI will upon request, engage with any supplier who does not meet our minimum vendor and/or Vendor Matrix requirements in identifying such opportunities for development.

Sun International
SRI Index contribution – Procurement / Enterprise & Supplier Development

Preferential Procurement Results

The SI supplier registration process supports B-BBEE as a significant factor in supplier selection, incorporating a holistic assessment of suppliers B-BBEE suitability.
Executive approval of new suppliers ensures we continue to work towards our corporate objectives.
This approach has led to an improvement in our Preferential Procurement results.

The graph below demonstrates the extent to which our local operations meet and exceed the dti targets.
Our internal "Phila Procurement Award for excellence in empowered procurement" ensures a healthy competitive spirit within Sun International, supported by our real-time reporting system.



Strategic Partners

Though a network of strategic relationships, select partners support SI in delivering a comprehensive Enterprise and Supplier Development strategy to our stakeholders. In the true spirit of collaboration, all SI suppliers are encouraged to network with these partners

Shanduka Blackpages is an online Enterprise and Supplier Development portal benefitting 100% black owned businesses.
The portal provides members with access to procurement opportunities, discounted products & services and online training programs.
Shanduka Blackpages is a Shanduka Black Umbrellas initiative and supported by the Shanduka Foundation.
Being an entrepreneur in South Africa inevitably leads to taking part in tenders. Or at least it should.
Tendersure is a web based tendering tool that takes advantage of the many benefits that digital data offers, delivering improvements in efficiency, both from a time and money point of view, as well as offering numerous decision support tools. The efficiency aspects lend themselves to a highly traceable and auditable system, which in turn helps to combat corruption.
B1SA is the leading provider of B-BBEE information management, training and administrative solutions for small and large business, institutions, industry charter councils, and government organisations.
Transformation is not just about a tally on a scorecard. It's about achieving a socio-economic objective and succeeding as ambassadors of a brighter future for all South Africans.
Transcend Corporate Advisors, South Africa's leading BEE consulting and advisory firm offering social responsibility, transformation and economic empowerment solutions to corporate clients and multinationals in South Africa and its neighbouring economies.
Our focus and specialties aid our clients to develop and communicate a strategic, value-based view of social responsibility and socio-economic empowerment.

Enterprise Development

SI constantly strives to grow and develop its Enterprise Development strategy related to suppliers not currently in the SI Supply Chain. If you believe that you have an opportunity we would be interested in, please forward a written proposal to the Supply Development Manager using a standard Enterprise Development Application Form.

Supplier Development

As an existing supplier to SI, it is to our mutual benefit to work hand in hand in developing your organisations' capacity through formal Supplier Development engagement. If you have a need for such supplier development, we invite you to complete the Supplier Development Application form, and submit along with a brief proposal of your requirement. This can be emailed to the Supply Development Manager.

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